GMO regulation in New Caledonia

First step !

New Caledonia adopted yesterday two regulation texts about GMO control :


1/ GMO seeds' importations will be ban for cereals and fruits (not for vegetables), with an immediate effect (it will be effectiv in a few weeks). Biosafety authority hope to be able to analyze the seeds by itself before the end of the year.


2/ A text about GMO labelling has been proposed, it still need to be approved by the Congress. As in Europe, label would be mandatory for products which include more than 0,9% of GMO (per ingredient)... it should also include labelling of meat, eggs, milk... from animals fed with GMOs. The enforcement could not be effective before december 2016... !


Two newspaper articles (in french) :


Signez la pétition

pour dire STOP à la contamination

de la papaye OGM

/ sign the petition

to STOP the spread of GM papaya

Signez la pétition

pour une Calédonie sans RoundUP


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