About STOP OGM Pacifique

STOP GMO Pacific is an NGO dedicated to informing the public about the risks of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in food, agriculture and the environment.

Founded in July 2012, it is based on the work of a team of volunteers, who since 2010, have been working on the issue of GMOs in New Caledonia and the Pacific.

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  • Obtain a regulation on GMOs in New Caledonia
  • Raise awareness through information diffusion and media advocacy sessions
  • Initiate the establishment of a regional platform for observation of GMOs in the Pacific

Awareness mission

  • More than 600 people viewed the release of two movies "Hawaii, free field for GMOs" and "All guinea pigs?" with 10 screenings of the film in the villages of Nouméa , Mont- Dore, La Foa , Bourail , Koné and Poya.
  • The planning of the "March Against Monsanto" on May 25th, 2013 was a global event relayed in more than 500 cities worldwide. In Noumea STOP GMO Pacific mobilized 200 people.
  • STOP GMO Pacific has presence on the local scene and promotes awareness via the petitioning of signatures.
  • A dozen articles on the issue of GMOs has been published in the local press.
  • Interviews and information disseminating sessions in various radio and television programs have been held.
  • STOP GMO Pacific has created a website dedicated to informing the public about GMOs and regulary updates the website.
  • Creation of communication tools : stickers , brochures, T -shirts...


Awareness mission

The association STOP GMO Pacific have met the majority of institutions concerned with the issue of GMOs in New Caledonia to address the lack of regulation on GMOs : Government of New Caledonia (DAE, DAVAR, Regional Cooperation) services, the Southern Province in charge of environment and agriculture (DENV, DDR), the customary Senate agriculture Committee of Congress, the Pacific Community (SPC), the agricultural professionals and research (Chamber of Agriculture, agricultural Research Institute Caledonian), and a number of politicians who were willing to receive the Board of Directors of STOP GMO Pacific. The association also met with several local interlocutors.


Members of STOP GMO Pacific requested the Advisory Committee for the Environment (body attached to the Congress of New Caledonia which includes all institutions with expertise in environment): issuing the need for the establishment of a GMO regulation, and at present, working groups have been established to:

  • Form an overview of the impact of GMOs on the environment and agriculture
  • Form an overview on the impact of GMOs on health
  • Create proposed text for deliberation


STOP GMO Pacific has largely driven this work based on legal GMO specialists in France.


Relationships and activities outside New Caledonia

  • STOP GMO Pacific is a member of the association Inf'OGM, the association of Farmer’s Seeds, and adheres to CRIIGEN
  • In France STOP OGM Pacific has met with major organizations involved with the subject of GMOs and meeting the European Parliament in Brussels
  • Participation in the International Conference of the movement against GMOs (France, July 2013)
  • Participation in Pachama Kokopelli festival (to safeguard farmers' seeds) in Peru, in August 2012
  • Vandana Shiva, Indian physicist, is the honorary president of STOP GMO Pacific.


Networks in the Pacific

STOP GMO Pacific is linked to a dozen organizations and associations concerned with the issue of GMOs in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Wallis and Futuna ...

The association has participated in Oceania 21 meetings by presenting the situation of GMOs in the Pacific Island States which has resulted in the declaration of their intention to establish a regional monitoring for GMO -free agriculture, in order to preserve biodiversity and traditional Pacific agriculture.


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